New Zealand Fairy Tern – Tara-Iti

New Zealand Fairy Tern – Tara-Iti
Wednesday September 8, 2021

This year (2021) Chris and his team decided to support/donate to the New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust. 

The New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust is committed to growth of the New Zealand Fairy Tern’s (“Fairy Tern”) tiny population and works directly, and in partnership with, the Department of Conversation and NZ Forest & Bird to improve breeding success and adult survival.

The Fairy Tern is New Zealand’s rarest bird, with a population of around only 40.  The Fairy Tern faces many challenges due to coastal developments putting pressure on their habitat and their vulnerability to disturbance from recreational activities and predators, including domestic pets. 

Chris’ interest in the Fairy Tern stems from his passion as an amateur wildlife photographer.  Photographing these special birds, and seeing them in their natural habitat, is an amazing experience he will never forget.  Chris wants to ensure the Fairy Tern is around for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about the NZ Fairy Tern and how you can help the New Zealand Fairy Fern Charitable Trust save this endangered New Zealand shorebird, please go to

Chris has also been assisting the New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust on a pro bono basis.

 Photographs by Chris Patterson