Changes to Easter Sunday Trading Laws and the Impact on Shop Employees

February 12, 2018 A law has recently been passed allowing local councils to decide whether shops in their district can open on Easter Sunday or not. As part of the changes, the new law has prescribed specific processes which must be followed (by both parties) if an employer wants its shop employees to work on Easter Sunday.

The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 – An alternative to defamation proceedings

By Chris Patterson  |  November 17, 2016 With the rise of social media and online communications, the ability to cause harm to a person’s reputation via digital communications has risen dramatically. The civil enforcement provisions of the recently enacted Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 (“HDCA”), which come into force on 21 November 2016, provide an efficient and economical alternative to engaging in expensive and lengthy defamation proceedings for damage to reputation.

Considering Employee Wage Deductions

November 02, 2016 Employers can often be left out of pocket for losses caused by an employee. Those losses can be deducted from employee’s wage, provided the employee has given his or her consent to do so (Wages Protection Act 1983 (“WPA”)).

Payments by Insolvent Companies: The Curse of the Voidable Transaction

By Chris Patterson  |  December 09, 2015 The commercial world can produce some odd and outright unfair results and outcomes. A trader who provides an acceptable good or service is entitled to be paid the agreed price. Receipt of payment concludes the bargain and the wheels of commerce move forward.