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Litigation and dispute resolution teams in NZ are usually only found within firms of solicitors that also offer services (often their core business) unrelated to litigation. This lack of access to an efficient and effective litigation and dispute resolution team that exclusively and only provide general litigation services has denied solicitors, their clients and even other members of the independent bar with a more logical and effective solution. Chris Patterson and his team provide that solution, offering the expertise of an experienced and skilled team of litigation professionals with over half a century of accumulated knowledge and acumen between them.

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Chris Patterson
Barrister / Executive Director

Chris is a seasoned litigator and dispute resolution specialist. His wide range of skills and experience are aimed specifically at providing the best available legal advice and representation.

Chris’ clients and colleagues call upon him to provide strategic and outcome focused advice in the resolution of a wide range of disputes.  Chris has continued to be a trusted advisor to a number of publicly listed and high net worth privately held companies for over 20 years.  Chris also regularly acts for individuals to assist in guiding them through the claims process to resolution.  Chris has built an enviable reputation on the back of taking the responsibility of obtaining excellent results in a number of New Zealand's leading Court judgments and negotiated settlements.  Chris got to this point after working in New York in the mid 1990s, a few short years at one of New Zealand's top litigation law firms, a decade at the New South Wales bar as an overseas practitioner and over 18 years at the independent bar in New Zealand. 

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