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April 29 2021 Technology in the Courtroom – Using Tech to improve Access to Justice

On this episode of The Law Downunder Podcast, we interview District Court Judge and author Dr David Harvey about how information technology has changed how New Zealand Courtrooms now operate and technologies potential to improve access to justice. Judge Harvey has been at the forefront and coalface of technology use within Courtrooms for nearly three decades.  We talk about the key developments, the pace of change, and the arguments for better-utilising technology within our Courtrooms.  This is a fascinating look at how technology can play an essential part in attempting to solve the growing problem of justice needing to be more accessible to those who need it.  This is a must-listen episode for those interested in Courtroom information technology and access to justice.  I hope you will enjoy the podcast.


  1. Episode and Guest Introduction
  2. Early Courtroom Tech
  3. Tech in the Modern New Zealand Courtroom (Agent of Change in Law and Legal Culture)
  4. Covid-19 as a stimulus for change
  5. Remote Attendance
  6. Promoting open justice (raising the public awareness of the workings of our Courts)
  7. The risk of Tech misuse – Inappropriate phone use and accessing the internet by jurors
  8. Legal Culture and Tech adoption resistance
  9. Future Courtrooms.

Guest Summary

David Harvey is a District Court Judge,  an educator and an award-winning academic on legal and information technology matters.  Judge Harvey has been at the forefront and coalface of technology use within Courtrooms for nearly three decades.  He has written several books and academic papers, including the publication of his doctoral thesis as a book, The Law Emprynted and Englysshed – (The Printing Press as an Agent of Change in Law and Legal Culture 1475-1642) and his earlier book on law and the internet,

Judge Harvey commenced legal practice in Auckland in the early 1970s.  In 1982 he became a partner in the law firm of Earl Kent & Company, now Morrison Kent.  At one point, he was in legal practice with former deputy prime minister and leader of New Zealand First Winston Peters.  His legal practice centred primarily on family law. 

In 1980 he won New Zealand Mastermind and went on to win the international title the following year.  His specialist topic being Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

He was appointed to the District Court bench in October 1988.   

In July 2016, Judge Harvey became the founding director of the ICT Law Centre within the Auckland University Law School.

David has been a TEDx presenter on the topic of Cyber Bullying.  David launched his blog, the IT Countrey Justice in May 2012, which provides a fascinating insight into how information technology has changed the law and its potential to better our system of justice.

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