Civil Litigation

Chris advises and represent clients in a wide range of civil disputes. Chris is a capable and well-organised trial lawyer, and has considerable experience in pursuing remedies through the District and High Courts, and in the Court of Appeal. Chris is equally adept in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediations and judicial settlement conferences, which often provide a good opportunity to avoid the risks associated with trial.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a generic term covering disputes in which a party seeks redress in the form of monetary damages or court orders requiring steps to be taken or not taken. These disputes arise between a variety of legal entities, including individuals, companies, local authorities and government departments.

Among the different types of civil disputes are claims for breach of contract, torts (civil wrongs such as negligence, nuisance and defamation) and disputes between trustees and co-owners of property. Unless settled without the need for a trial, civil disputes are initially determined through an adversarial trial in the District Court or High Court.  The current limit of the District Court’s monetary jurisdiction is $200,000. Claims for amounts higher than $200,000 are filed in/determined by the High Court. Certain statutory claims can only be heard, at first instance, in the High Court.

If you are involved in a civil dispute (whether or not a proceeding has already been issued) Chris can help by fusing his understanding of the relevant legal aspects with sensible advice to suit your particular needs.